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Incoherent Thoughts

When unsure of anything in life... POKE IT!

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the incoherent thoughts
Call me Alexa. Young, but old enough. In the southern hemisphere almost all time of the year, in a city called Sydney, in a land called Australia. Occasionally dragged to other parts of world, mostly against my will. Currently a student— and not planning to change that status any time soon. Easily: distracted, amused, infatuated, irritated and bored.

This journal exists for the purpose of fangirling, ranting, raving and broadcasting the ups and downs of life. If you would like to join the incoherency, then comment of the Friends Only post (link on side), or you will not be added back… unless if I know you—but that can also mean I wont add you because of that reason XD Best to comment ;p

&hearts, Me.

Layout and profile courtesy of unoriginal @ refutare
Friends Only Post

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