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First mock gift in today:

It has 50 'actions' to make the world a better place. And I really like this one:

ACTION 41: Hug Somone

A friend of mine has

never forgotten seeing

father kiss his granddad’s

hand as

he lay in coma

just before he died.

It was the only time

he had ever seen

them kiss.

And the only time he

hugged his father was

when his sister died.

It wasn’t that they weren’t

close, just that they were

grown up,

Australian, and only

death could take down

all the barriers.

But children do it

instinctively- they want

to touch and be touched,

to hold and be held.

So if there was one bit

of advice we’d give

everyone reading this

book, it would be this.

Touch someone you love.

Hold them.

Kiss them.

It’s the one piece of magic

we can all do, every day.

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